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For each project, Harves Century begins by understanding each city's unique development and exploring the various trends in and around the city. Each project attests to the commitment to the local identity of each location. Through this commitment and a strong spirit of cooperation, Harves Century creates structures which truly stand as "symbols of the city."

Harves Century is dedicated to the overall progress and prosperity of each city where it is engaged……

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Manchester United Football Theme Park will be landed in Shenyang, China Investment Headquarters will be located in Shenyang Free Trade Zone.
On January 14, Harves Entertainment Co., Ltd. China Investment Headquarters was formally established in Shenyang Free Trade Zone, and signed the Investment Agreement with the Management Committee. Harves Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a cultural tourism industry platform company established in Hong Kong. Its main business is to integrate first-class foreign sports, entertainment and cultural IP resources. It is the exclusive strategic partner of Manchester United Football Club in China.After its establishment in Shenyang Free Trade Zone, Harves Entertainment Co., Ltd. plans to establish 35 indoor family entertainment centers (or theme parks) in China's first-tier cities and densely populated provincial capitals to develop football entertainment projects based on Manchester United brand culture.The first batch of projects are planned to be carried out in Shenyang, Beijing and Shanghai. The other 32 projects will be completed step by step with a total investment of about $400 million. The construction area of Shenyang project is about 3500 square meters, and the total investment is about 90 million RMB.Chen Jiabiao, deputy secretary-general of Shenyang Municipal Government, Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of Shenyang Section of China (Liaoning) Free Trade Pilot Zone and executive vice-director of the Management Committee, warmly welcomed the establishment of the investment headquarters of Harves Entertainment Co., Ltd. in the Shenyang Free Trade Zone. Chen Jiabiao pointed out that the development of football cultural entertainment industry is an important way to improve the football level. Shenyang is China's football happily place with profound football culture and huge potential for industrial development; the regional climate of Northeast China has a demand for indoor theme football parks and stadiums, which can meet people's needs for winter football; the youth training program of Harves Entertainment Company will strongly promote Shenyang football and even China's football country against the international standards of Standard Manchester United. International development. Shenyang Free Trade Zone is willing to work with enterprises to develop football industry, promote football culture and enhance the overall level of youth football.Manchester United Football ClubManchester United Football Club, Manchester United Football Club, is located in Manchester City, Manchester County, Northwest England. Manchester United Football Club is short for ManUtd or MUFC. Its predecessor, Newton Heath, was founded in 1878 by workers of Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company at Newton Heath Construction Site. In 1902, the team was reorganized and renamed Manchester United. Now it is the English Football Premier League Club. The home court of Manchester United's team is "Dream Theatre" Old Trafford Stadium. It has been in operation since 1910.Manchester United is one of the most successful clubs in English football history and one of the most influential and successful teams in Europe and even in the world. They have won 20 top-flight championships, 12 FA Cups and 5 League Cups. In Europe, Manchester United won three European Champions League titles, one European Football League Championship, one European Winner's Cup and one European Super Cup championship. They are joined by Juventus, Bayern Munich, Ajax and Chelsea in the European Grand Slam team. In the world, Manchester United won a total of 1 Toyota Cup championship and 1 FIFA Club World Cup championship.Harves Entertainment Co., Ltd.Harves Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a platform company of culture and tourism industry established in Hong Kong. Its main business is to integrate first-class foreign sports, entertainment and cultural IP resources, and introduce Chinese landings. It has all-round professional service capabilities of investment, development, construction, operation and promotion of theme park projects, including theme park planning, pre-design, planning and evaluation. Estimate and post-management, operation, publicity, brand building, etc. At the same time, Harves Entertainment Co., Ltd. is the exclusive strategic partner of Spanish Reunion Group (the world's top ten theme park operators, operating 64 theme parks in 14 countries) and Manchester United Football Club in China.
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Harves Entertainment and Falcon’s Creative Group Join Forces to Create Global, Next Generation Experiential Entertainment
            Press ReleaseMarch 28, 2019Contact: Teri SchindlerTeri.Schindler@Harves.comPhoebe Hicks                                                                                            phicks@falconscreativegroup.comHarves Entertainment and Falcon’s Creative Group Join Forces to Create Global, Next Generation Experiential EntertainmentPartnership Creates Comprehensive Integrated Services Harves Entertainment and Falcon’s Creative Group announced a new strategic alliance which creates a complete package of integrated services – including concept development, financing, creative execution, real estate development, construction, and operations – to propel new opportunities in the design and realization of global, next generation entertainment experiences. Harves Entertainment is a division of Harves, a premiere Chinese real estate and investment company with operational and entertainment services. In January, Harves announced an exclusive partnership with Manchester United to bring immersive themed entertainment centers to China. The first centers are scheduled to open in 2020 in Beijing and Shanghai.Falcon’s Creative Group, located in Orlando, Florida, designs and produces immersive experiences and theme park attractions with an emphasis on storytelling and innovative technology applications. The company has won multiple industry awards for its work around the globe, holds several technology patents, and has recently announced or completed projects with NASA, National Geographic, and PBS.The alliance of Harves Entertainment and Falcon’s Creative Group creates a complete and powerful portfolio of services that can uniquely and efficiently address the growing global market for brand and educational immersive experiences. Together, the teams will be able to fund initiatives, conceptualize new ideas, develop technology, and efficiently build and operate cross-cultural, innovative experiences around the world.“We are delighted to partner with such a creative powerhouse,” said Bo Zhang, Founder and Chairman, Harves Entertainment. “We have great respect and admiration for the talent at Falcon’s and the innovative work they consistently deliver in projects around the world. We have every confidence that together we can create and realize the next generation of experiential entertainment and education attractions.”  “We are combining forces with Harves Entertainment to bring more profound concepts to life,” said Cecil D. Magpuri, President/Chief Creative Officer of Falcon’s Creative Group. “There is a great demand for immersive entertainment experiences across the spectrum and we want to create the next dimension of imaginative and transformative cross-cultural attractions together.”Harves has a successful track record realizing major development projects in China. The company brings a comprehensive understanding of the local market along with world-class operations, experienced management team, and in-country expertise. The new strategic agreement aligns the two entities to aggressively move forward on additional entertainment and educational concepts in China and then globally. They will execute projects with both recognized intellectual property assets and proprietary concepts. The combined team will also develop and license technologies that enhance visitor experience and are unique to this rapidly evolving industry.ENDSAbout Harves Entertainment Harves Entertainment designs, develops, and operates transformative experiences that connect cultures and generations. These experiences include an exclusive partnership with the world’s most valuable sports brand, Manchester United, with whom they will bring immersive themed entertainment centers to China. The first centers are scheduled to open in 2020 in Beijing and Shanghai. Harves Entertainment is a division of Harves, a premiere Chinese real estate and investment firm. For additional information, visit Falcon's Creative GroupFalcon's Creative Group delivers innovative, powerful experiences with breakthrough solutions. We design immersive experiences that challenge the limits of reality and fire the imagination. Our passionate, award-winning team of artists, filmmakers, engineers, architects, designers, and writers transform everyday reality, every day. Falcon's Creative Group is home to Falcon's Treehouse, Falcon's Digital Media and Falcon's Licensing. Visit:
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